Saturday, 10 May 2014

Going Live - Final Film and Presentation

Presenting the final film - 'Concerning Dragons':

To present the making of the film to Axis Animation, we all decided that a PowerPoint would be best to showcase everyone's artwork and video-work. Myself and Kieran worked out the structure and order of the presentation. I then took on the task of collating everyone's work, including backgrounds for each slide created by Rebecca, together into the PowerPoint - all 30 slides. I made sure that work was fairly represented for each slide and correctly credited at the bottom of each slide. Also the rest of the class viewed it before the presentation day to make sure there were no corrections:
(all the black squares are video files)

As all of the work was being compiled together for the presentation, I wondered if there was a better way to present rigs instead of just a screenshot. I searched for a way to make rigs visible in renders and came across a relevant tutorial and article. Link Here. I passed on this tutorial to others in the class to use for their rig renders also. The steps I followed can be viewed on this blog post here:
Final render of visible rig for 'Tree-Hand'

On 30th April, all of our class went through to Glasgow to Axis Animation. Myself and Kieran presented the PowerPoint to Axis, I talked through the pre-production stages. Afterwards there was a detailed Q&A session with everyone.
Some of my notes for the presentation

Here is all of us at Axis Animation to present the final film:
Photo taken at Axis Animation by Phillip Vaughan