Saturday, 10 May 2014

Going Live - Animatic

I helped out with sorting the timing and rough animation/layout for Shot 1. There was a limited time-frame to fit in the tree-hand grab, eagle transformation and dragon swipe. Kieran had already started it and animated about 7 seconds in of the eagle flying. This is one of the first drafts I did:

Feedback was to remove some of the pause before the tree-hand shoots up. Also to start moving the camera back when the eagle starts falling, to give a sense of the viewer falling with the eagle. For when the dragon swoops down and off screen, by moving the camera back, the full size of the dragon can be fitted in. This will also allow for some nice sweeping animation of the dragon.
Here is the latest version I made:

Working on this shot for the animatic was a great way to start helping to block out the animation and timing - as I was going to be doing the final animation on this shot.